Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic


Objective of the project is the support of public awareness on both sides of the border including the activities for general public focused on increasing the awareness on the Slovak – Ukrainian cross - border area and its possibilities in tourism, culture, social area and education. 

Project expects to achieve the improvement of the information flow by the creation of the 6 joint information products focused on public awareness raising and focused on cross border region promotion in border countries.

Creation of Innovative multifunctional tourist information centre directly at the Slovak – Ukrainian border, that will provide services to target groups by the centre employee. Creation of information brochure in 3 languages (SK-UA-EN), promotional books about border region villages Stakčín, Kolonica, Zboj a Velykyj Bereznyj in 3 languages, information boards, promotional film in 3 languages, billboards on both sides of border pointing on created information centres. Creation of joint web site. All the Slovak and Ukrainian partners will offer new types of services or new ways of providing existing services as regards awareness raising by the new joint information products and so the number of clients who will be served by these institutions will increase.

Creation of Multifunctional information centre for the improvement of the information flow. It is the innovative centre situated directly at the border point who will serve lot of tourists, visitors and travelers. Clients will get the information about visas, permission for local border crossing, about tourism, natural and cultural sources and services on both sides of border.

Creation of sources of information for information dissemination ( 3 language information brochure,  3 language promotional books about border villages Stakčín, Kolonica, Zboj a Velykyj Bereznyj, informational boards, 3 language promotional film, billboards on both sides of border promoting information centers, active joint web site).

Improvement of cross – border cooperation between media organizations and subjects by the organisation of workshops.

Project solves the problems with cross – border information flow, so it includes all the region inhabitants, but mostly the tourists, young adults. The younger adults represent the biggest part of all the passing tourists and people promoting the border region, so the project plans the awareness raising.  The joint information products will be used by the local and regional institutions to promote the region, so the increasing tourist visits are expected and also the increase in tourist services is expected. Tourist services enterprises and individuals will attend promotional workshops to promote the services offered in the border region. The information about services will be included in the information brochure. The employees of local, regional public government institutions will have new innovative joint information products to improve information flow and public awareness. Widely, all the inhabitants of the border region will benefit from the project. The promotion and attractiveness will improve and the regions start the sustainable development.

Also the Norwegian people will be informed and benefit from the information presented by the Norwegian project partner.

Ms. Hamran, the donor project partner is a social anthropologist and journalist, train and work with cross border journalism an understanding.  She has a lot of experiences with cross- border information flow and regional promotion. She will attend the medial workshop prepared by the project promoter and will share her experiences with the other Slovak and Ukrainian media representatives and journalists and event attendants.

Partnership achieve the reinforcement of bilateral relationships as we expect the experience transfer and sharing  about the travelling and writing about border regions in Barents, Norway, Finland, Russia. We expect the improvement in preparation and production of joint publications, articles, television or radio transmissions, programmes.

Project start: 01.09.2015

Project deadline: 28.02.2017 

Project Promoter: Ubľa village

1. Kick – off thematical workshop for slovak and ukrainian organisation and massmedia and journalists in Ukraine for 20 attendants.

2. Mass – medial workshop for slovak and ukrainian organisation and massmedia and journalists in Slovakia pre for 20 attendants.

3. Promotional workshop in Stakčín for 30 attendants. (10 ukrainian, 20 slovak).

4. Promotional workshop in Kolonica pre for 30 attendants. (10 ukrainian, 20 slovak).

5. Promotional workshop in Zboj for 30 attendants. (10 ukrainian, 20 slovak).

6. Final conference in Ubľa for 30 attendants. (10 ukrainian, 20 slovak).


* Total Eligible Costs (EUR) 142 755,22 eur.

* Project Grant Requested 121 341,94 eur.

* Project Grant Rate 85 %.

* Co-financing 21 413,28 eur.

5 joint information products focused on awareness raising on the neighbouring countries or devoted to the better visibility of the target regions in the neighbouring countries made available to public:

* Inovative polyfunctional turists information centre

* information leaflet

* Book about Stakčín, Zboj, Kolonica and vicinity

* Book about ukrainian region

* information billboards a nad billboards

Supported by a grant from Norway

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